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Question: ... How can we succeed in organizing our life in an optimal, balanced and healthy way? To combine life with everyday life without one eating up the other.

Answer: ... Create a good, beneficial, everyday routine that you enjoy following. ... Our motto: "Just start, sort and hold out!". The energy can flow and can be felt.


Our course classes are divided into levels.

Level 1 / basic 1 / preliminary level, pure beginners / with little or no previous knowledge of dance or a long break

  • Level 2 / Basic 2 / Basic level, beginners with previous knowledge / at least 1 year of regular dance training

  • Level 3 / Basic 3 / Ballet Basic Level 2 + 3 Beginners with previous knowledge / at least 2 years of regular dance training

  • Level 4 / ballet / good previous knowledge, at least 2 years of regular dance training

  • Level 5 / ballet / dancer training / professional / long-term regular dance training /

Hip Hop / Carmen

In this class we will explore different types of hopping to improve our groove. We will learn some basic foot techniques to develop our coordination. And we will explore body isolation to unleash our control of movement. In the last part of the lesson we will create a choreography that packs all the elements learned and puts them into practice. Here we can discover our very own way of moving and create the ILLUSIONS of the movements and celebrate our own hip hop dance and simply let a great feeling of being free live up to it. Just come and try it.

Carmen Rodriguez

is a young, passionate dancer and can tell many good dance stories.

NEW !! Hip Hop Course:

Friday, 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Hip Hop / Youth - Adults

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