Our training is based on years of dance and teaching experience in the academic style and teaching method of Agrippina Waganova and the Russian Ballet. Our teachers teach our students the importance of using the body as a whole unit. At the same time, the relationship between studio and stage is constantly being established. Classical dancer training for professionals

Each individual training lesson is always an evolving and spontaneous choreographic event, just as our teachers inherited it from their legendary teachers.

“There never was and never will be an abbreviation or a 'modern' form of classical ballet. Instead, it is necessary to enrich the learned and self-experienced 'method' with new life. With technical freedom, this enables lyricism and expression to dance out of oneself. "


Timetable / 09:45 - 11:30 Tuesday, Thursday, Friday + Saturday, on Wednesday / 10:15 - 11:45

profesional contemporary class

Our contemporary professional training is based on the current requirements of the participating dancers. But always sweating with a focus on floor & space work, balance, contraction & release, partnering and everything in between. It is fascinating how almost infinitely many possible variations there are, in choreographic sequences, in the most diverse dance techniques, by music and stories. The most diverse facets of collective & individual reflections and their processes can become a topic. A movement workshop. For professional dancers and anyone with regular dance training practice. With continuous training and the development of team spirit, individual dance projects can also arise. ...