Modern & Contemporary Dance

The modern dance class is aimed at young people and adults who want to learn to love their bodies or who are already doing it! Swing and ground-based movement elements, as well as exercises while standing on the ground and of course in locomotion, which should literally conquer the space, determine the hour. The dance teacher works with all due respect for the anatomical conditions and limits of the individual, nobody should be overwhelmed or under-challenged! In class, the modern teacher is also happy to respond to ideas and suggestions from students. Together they create movements and short choreographies. An exciting hour in which no one is neglected!

Teachers: Carmen / Eva / Magdalena, / Gilbert, / Mara / Yurie / Ilona

Modern technique / beginners / Ilona

This technique class picks up proven forms of movement. Inspired by Horton, Limon and Graham, simple warm-up combinations are developed in which isolation, contraction + release technique, weight shifts, dynamics and breathing learn to correspond with each other. Short, manageable, simple movements through to short choreographic sequences show beautiful dance approaches and at the same time bring vitality and the right balance.

Teacher: Ilona


Do, 18:00 - 19:00 Modern Technik / Anfänger / Ilona

Modern / Carmen

This course is divided into three sections. The first is the recognition of space and our position within it. How we can interact with other bodies in the same space at different speeds and where the momentum of the movement comes from. The second part focuses on movements with ground contact using the “Flying Low” technique. The final part of the lesson can be either a choreography summarizing the day's movements, or an immediate composition based on predetermined guidelines.

Your courses in dance studio B:


  • NEW ! This course for children between 6 - 8 years is being planned.

    Tue, 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Modern 6-8 years

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Young people & adults: in the beginners area

The following modern dance course is NEW


Modern / Magdalena

The beginner/intermediate class consists of a short warm-up, standing exercises, floral work and ends with a short choreography. In modern dance lessons we focus on coordination, quality of movement and memory. We try to have a lot of fun with it and to find an energy that is balancing and refreshing at the same time. Accompany me.


5 days Mon 18.07. - Fri 07/22/2022 / Modern Dance / Summer Dance Days

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Modern Jazz / Yurie

This course combines different dance styles such as ballet, jazz, hip hop and modern. Start by warming up and stretching, working your feet and legs and spine. Every movement uses breathing and the whole body. At the end of the course we dance a short choreography. Let's dance with music and body.

Teacher: Yurie



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Modern / Juana

My classes aim to teach the fundamental tools of contemporary dance language, allowing participants to expand their body's possibilities in terms of space, time, weight and partner work. Classes begin with a warm-up, body awareness, stretching, and strengthening exercises that activate the body. An emotionally guided floorwork is developed where participants begin to explore technical material from movement phrases. Gradually the class moves towards verticality where stability, amplitude, rhythm, self-expression and the joy of dancing are explored.