Kids Courses

We try to give the children the love for dance and to awaken an understanding for movement, expression and design. The individual levels and dance styles are shown below. There are age-mixed classes.

Dance for Children's 3-5 years

The youngest class

KIDS DANCE & KIDS BALLET / 3-5 years / Ilona

We dance from the age of 3 and our youngest kids on a journey of discovery in which they learn to dance together for 60 minutes with bright children's eyes and enthusiasm. With playful exercises and lots of funny stories you enter a fantasy and fairy tale world full of fairies, magicians and elves. Ballet lessons will be a wonderful experience. This first dance experience can touch a child so deeply that the dance accompanies them for a lifetime. With the help of the music, the stories and the sensitivity of the dance teacher, the children will find new captivating moments and a stimulating time. You will find surprising and courageous, very personal, small dance-like narrative and movement forms. Unconscious functionality, physical strength and body awareness and get to know each other in a completely new way. You are forced to be sensitized in many ways and have a lot of space to move freely. Everyone can dance ...

Take courage! Dancing begins with the first step.

Teachers: Ilona

Dance for Children's 6-8 years

3 different dance styles can be tried and chosen. Here the children get their first insight into the most diverse dance directions and styles.

Children ballet / dance / 6-8 years

Modern dance / 6-8 years

Street Dance Hip Hop / NEW ! has begun! / 6-8 years

Come and try it. ... It's going to be exciting ... Rola dances authentically with passion and playfully conveys free and active movement techniques from the urban dance scene such as hip hop and break dance. Combinations between groundwork / floorwork, robots and waves. Fun, sweat and dance for our dancing stars of tomorrow. Please just contact us if you want to dance.

If you are interested, please register via email. Thank you !

We encourage talented children and young people through intensive training, once or several times a week.

Teacher: Ilona

Teacher: Giulia

Teacher: Rola

Dance for Children's 8-12 years

3 in-depth dance courses for dance students: those who want to know more.

BALLET / Ilona

Monday 5pm-6pm

## MODERN DANCE / Giulia

Wednesday 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Friday 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Teachers: Ilona, Giulia, Rulla