Here you can fin about the teachers of Tanzstudio B.

Ilona Wendt

The management of Tanzstudio B

Ilona C. Wendt was trained as a professional dancer at the state ballet school in Leipzig. Her dance career takes her to various theaters in Germany. Further training in choreography and pedagogy at the TH "Hans Otto" in Leipzig followed. Here she receives her wide-ranging knowledge of the Russian Vaganova technique and an extensive ballet repertoire from the great classical ballets, such as Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, Giselle and more. She also acquired her knowledge of jazz dance, flamenco, modern dance (Graham, Limon and Mattox techniques) as well as contemporary dance during this time and is constantly expanding it. Until she opened Tanzstudio B in Berlin / Charlottenburg in March 2000, she worked as a training master at the Landestheater Halle and later taught children, young people and adults at various institutions in Berlin as a freelancer. During this time she develops the ICW UNIVERSAL / Ballet I & II for beginners to professionals. It's a simple, powerful, coordinated workout with a focus on healthy and correct execution.

In Tanzstudio B, Ilona teaches children's dance, ballet and modern.

Once a month she gives ballet workshops specially developed for beginners and during the TanzDays there are courses for advanced dance students.



Ballet for pure beginners / Level 1

Ballet for beginners with prior knowledge / Level 2:

Ballet for Beginners with previous knowledge - Intermediate / Level 3 + 4:

Ballet at noon

Seminars: Mai / 05

John Vye

John Vye, born in Australia - Sydney, began his classical ballet training: 1961 with JUNE BRISBANE (Borovansky Ballet co.) and the SCULLY BOROVANSKY Ballet School Sydney. 1974 Full scholarship with the JOHN CRANKO Academy Stuttgart Germany RAD Solo Seal and winner of the Royal Academy of Dancing Uebersee Scholarship 1974: Began his studies at the ROYAL BALLET SCHOOL London. COVENT GARDEN 1974 And became a member of the ROYAL BALLET COMPANY December 1975 John was a.o. a member of the following international ballet companies in which he danced as a member of the corps de ballet, as SOLOIST and FIRST SOLOIST. The Stuttgart Ballet, The Royal Ballet London, Muenster Ballet, Munich State Opera, The Royal Danish Ballet, He learned and taught as a ballet master and freelance ballet teacher in the Russian VAGANOVA METHOD with highly recognized Russian teachers, including: ASAF MESSERER Ballet Master the BOLSHOI Ballet (and was invited by him to the Bolshoi Ballet School for further training in 1973), JUERGAN SCHNEIDER, KIROV BALLET, GALINA ULANOVA, MAYA PLISSETSKAYA, FLEMMING FLINDT, PAUL GNAT, CLEO NORDE, ALEXANDER MINZK, KIRSTEN ROWLINGS, ANNE WOOLLIAMS, ALLA OSIPENKO, VICTOR RONE, and OLEG SOKOLOV Principal Teacher and Ballet Master from KIROV MARINSKY Ballet, Academy St. Petersburg and many more. Training language: German, English, Italian,


Pro: 09:45 - 11:30 / Tue + Wed + Fri + Sat

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Iris Tenge

Trained dancer and choreographer at Stuttgart Ballet / John Cranko Academy

Commitments, a selection

Hamburg Ballet (John Neumeier)

Frankfurt Ballet (William Forsythe)

Ballet mistress / Aterballetto

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Co.

Tanztheater Wuppertal (Pina Bausch)

Numerous guest engagements and choreographies internationally. First choreographies at the Hamburg State Opera and beginning of collaboration with the composer and visual artist Ferdinand Försch (“KlangHaus”) in Hamburg. “Powerful and original,” “Secure musicality, equally imaginative and convincing... poetry and humanity” states the press.

BALLET FRANKFURT (William Forsythe) “During the years of working with Iris Tenge, I have come to know her as a truly committed artist with excellent professional skills... In all collaborations, her creative abilities, integrity and commitment have been a great asset and I am pleased to be able to give you my highest recommendations. “An extraordinarily skilful treatment of space... inventive in details and movement language”.


Pro: 10:00 - 11:30 / Tue + Wed + Fri + Sat

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Carmen Rodriguez

Carmen began her classical dance training at the age of 3 using the Vaganova technique. Being of Spanish origin, Flamenco was part of her education from the age of 5. She graduated in classical ballet in 2019, during which time she was also exposed to contemporary dance. In 2020 she moved to Berlin to continue her education at the contemporary dance company DART and to work with choreographers like Saeed Hani or Maddie Hanson. She was subsequently selected twice for the Raw and Polished Festival in Nuremberg, both as a dancer and as a choreographer with contemporary pieces. She is currently a member of the hip hop group ExO's and continues to train in all of the above styles as well as jazz, allowing her a holistic approach to learning to move in all its forms.

Your courses in Tanzstudio B:


  • And in preparation ! Tue, 17:00-18:00 modern 6-8 years

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Adolescents & adults:

in the beginner area...

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Juana del Mar

Juana del Mar is a Colombian artist who dedicates her artistic practice to dance and performance. Juana has been co-director of the collective La Compañía since 2018; Since 2011 she has been working as a choreographer and dancer at Ati-erraDance and Multimedia and is co-founder of Maldita Danza Dance Company in 2010. Juana has also worked with national and international artists and at national and international festivals and residencies in countries such as Croatia, Austria , Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Panama, Cuba, Brazil and CostaRica took part. She is currently working and studying the SODA Master at the UDK Berlin.

Your courses in dance studio B

Children: Go directly to the course content: Timetable: Adults / Go directly to the courseContent: Timetable: Monday, 8:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. / beginners - beginners with previous knowledge


Magdalena Negowska

Magdalena Negowskais a 25 years old dancer from Poland. She has studied in Ballet School in Poland and in Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) in Austria.

Professionally she has been dancing for Baltic Opera Ballet in Poland and has been involved in various projects in Budapest and Berlin as a freelancer. Since 2022 she is officially based in Berlin and is working as a freelance dancer and teacher. The training takes place in English.

NEW: Pro:

  • Thu, 10:00-11:30 Modern / Contemporary Dance

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Yurie Nishi

Yurie Nishi is from Japan. She started dancing ballet at the age of five, after which she got to know other dance styles such as jazz and hip hop. She moved to the United States and studied contemporary and modern dance at Peridance Center after graduating from Mukogawa Women's University in 2015. In 2016 she received full scholarships from METdance in Houston, USA and Conteur in Toronto, Canada and attended the Summer Intensive. As a professional dancer she has worked with Spectrum Dance Theatre, JKing Dance Company, Bryce Dance Company, Mollet Contemporary Ballet, Julia Ehrstrand, Joe Celej, Kiki Lucas and Bonnie O'Rourke. She has lived in Germany since 2020 and dances as a freelancer. She has worked with Yeri Anarika and Monika Dorniak. She has also appeared in music videos such as LA CHICA's "3 & HOY".


Adolescents and adults:

Modern Jazz

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  • Thursday 20:30-22:00 Modern Jazz Dance / Please register!

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Chiang Mei Wang

Chiang Mei Wang studied classical ballet and various modern dance techniques (Graham, Limon, Cunningham) at the Dance Department of the National Institute of Arts in Taipei. She then went to the internationally renowned Cloud Gate Dance Theater of Taiwan as a dancer, where she soon rose to become a soloist and later a training and rehearsal director. On numerous world tours with the Cloud Gate Dance Theater of Taiwan, she has made guest appearances on major stages and at the most important dance festivals, including: Next Wave Festival New York, Olympic Ars Festival Sydney 2000, Lyon Biannual Dance Festival, Saddlers Wells - London, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Pina Bausch Tanztheater Wuppertal, International Dance Festival Munich. Chiang Mei has lived in Munich since 2002. Since then she has worked as a freelance choreographer and dance teacher in Munich (including Tanztendenz, Tanzwerkstatt Europa, Hasting Studio) and as a guest at Tanzimpulse Salzburg, State Ballet Nuremberg, City Theater Kassel, International Dance Festival Würzburg, Dance Festival Potsdam, Dance Festival Bielefeld, Lucerne Theater, Introdans Arnheim, among others /Netherlands.

Chiang Mei Wang gives workshop blocks in Tai-Chi Dao-Yin and floating body modern dance at Tanzstudio B.

A workshop weekend is not planned at the moment.

in planning

Gilbert P. Coutrin

G. C. comes from the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. He completed his dance training in Paris as a master student with jazz legend Matt Mattox. Since 1990 Coutrin has lived and worked as a freelance choreographer and dance teacher in Berlin. As a lecturer at numerous dance schools and training courses, he trained generations of dancers and teachers. Gilbert is also in demand internationally as a workshop lecturer, and has done a lot for the development of modern jazz, especially in Eastern Europe and Russia. Most recently he founded the Jazz-Art Dance Company, with which he created the choreographies “Hommage à Chopin” (premiere: 2006, Berlin) and “En passant” (premiere: 2006, Eger / Hungary).

"It is important for me that a dancer discovers his joy in dancing and uses the physical skills he has learned to communicate with his environment and his audience." Gilbert P. Coutrin is a dancer, choreographer and teacher of jazz, jazz, hip hop, modern dance techniques and gives weekend workshops at TANZSTUDIO B.

MODERN JAZZ with Gilbert on Sat, 20th / Sun, 01/21/24

Mara Foschini

Mara was born in Rome (Italy). She started dance training at the age of 10. Her studies include classical ballet, contemporary dance in various techniques, such as floorwork, improvisation, contact, capoeira, butoh dance, the Axi Syllabus method and tensegrity dance with disabled people. Another study in Aikido, Tai-Chi and Yoga. This is followed by theater practice and studies in technology from the dance company "The Forsythe Company" with Brigel Gjoka and the "Artemis Dance Company". After her training as a professional dancer and dance teacher, there was the Dance Start Up from the dance company Leggere strutture Art Company (Bologna, Italy). Jobs and workshops as well as events as a dancer, choreographer and teacher brought her to the dance world in France, Germany and Italy. During this time there is a lively exchange and diverse collaboration with various choreographers and art spaces. She studies art, music and dance at the DAMS University Roma Tre (Rome-Italy). A dance internship in the Uferstudios Berlin took her to Berlin. She has been opening her own dance company since 2013 and calls it "Mara Foschini - CONGEGNO ELETTRONICO" for creating new pieces of her own and innovative projects. The collective implements their ideas in various dance projects in Berlin and shows them in Berlin art centers. She currently teaches contemporary dance, modern dance, children's dance and children's ballet.

Mara is a freelance dancer and teaches modern dance for young people and adults on Wednesday, 5 p.m., then 6 p.m. and Friday, 6:30 p.m. in dance studio B.